Soil pH

A pH test measures how acidic or basic the soil is.  The soil pH affects the ability of plants to take nutrients from the soil. For ideal plant growth, soil needs the proper pH level.

The Master Gardeners can measure your soil's pH and recommend any soil amendments necessary. Soil samples may be dropped off at the Cooperative Extension office, or mailed. They must be accompanied by a soil testing form. It's important to follow the correct procedure for collecting a sample. Click here for further soil testing information and sampling instructions.

Soil Sampling Information
Soil Submission Form

Soil Nutrient Testing

For a more comprehensive analysis, samples can be submitted to The University of Massachusetts Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory.

This lab offers detailed analyses of soil, compost, and soil less greenhouse media. Click here to go to the UMass site for information on how to submit a soil sample, forms and fees.

Soil Testing