Welcome to Lifetime Members

Here is a list of our Lifetime Members. Lifetime Master Gardener status is awarded at the Annual Meeting following 10 years of active service.

Lifetime Master Gardeners are no longer required to fulfill the active Master Gardener annual requirement of 20 hours volunteering and 5 hours continuing education, but they are encouraged to remain involved in volunteer and continuing education activities. And many of our Lifetime Members are very active.

Lifetime Master Gardeners must still complete the annual reporting requirement to remain a Master Gardener. After three years of failure to complete the annual reporting requirement members will be resigned.

Master Gardener Talks

Carolyn Albrycht
Patrice Amos
Deborah Anderson
Mary Bancroft
Judy Beck
Peggy Black
Ann Marie Boonisar
Camille Boullie
Robert Brancale
Joanne Brown
Suzanne Cheverie-Pugh
Mary Chichetto
Darlene Chickosky
Will Clarke
Deirdre Detjens

Cyndi Dinardo
Lynne Dowdall
Bob Firth
Anne Firth
Clinton R. Flagg
CL Fornari
Alexena (Alex) Frazee
Paula French
Constance Ganss
Sheila Garry
Marie Gates
Pat Greenwood
Betty Hann
Joy M. Hastings
Daphne Irwin

Dianne Izzo
Joyce Jenks
Eleanor Kopp
Suzanne LaVallee
Donna Lawson
Shelly Levin
Bernadette MacLeod
Patricia Mahoney
Betty McAdams
Mary McCarthy
Bob McLuckie
Mark Miller
Sally Moore
Ron Morissette
Deborah Myers

Sharon Oudemool
Pamela Phipps
James Reynolds
David Rogers
Maryanne Ryan
Allan Saperstein
Mary Ann Staudenmayer
Susan Sweeney
Gil Vachon
Pat Vigliorolo
Joanne Wallace
Norma P. Weinberg
Dick White
Win Whyte